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Car Insurance

Car Insurance

RC car insurance is a compulsory cover for all cars that protect against material or physical damage caused to third parties in the event of a claim. This is a statutory guarantee, also known as civil liability vehicles, without which it is not allowed to circulate on the Italian territory with a motor vehicle. The basic coverage, which must be subscribed and renewed every year, protects all persons who are aboard the car insured, except for the driver who caused the accident. The latter to have an adequate protection must add to the time of conclusion of the contract the accident guarantee to the driver.

To have a complete coverage that ensures adequate protection both when you are at the wheel, if, for example, you leave the machine in the park in an unguarded place, you need to compose the policy with the so-called ancillary guarantees which, while being optional, raise the level of protection. These include, among others, legal protection, driver’s injuries, roadside assistance, license withdrawal. Theft and fire insurance or natural events ensure, on the other hand, compensation for damages caused by the car.

When you buy a car policy, in addition to the ancillary guarantees, it is important to also carefully assess the amount of the premium, the ceilings within which the insurance is obliged to compensate for damages, deductibles and exclusion clauses, that is, when the company cannot guarantee compensation for the damage. It is impossible to identify the most convenient insurance coverage ever, but you can, and it is advisable, to find the best policy according to individual needs and driving habits. To choose your policy, just request a car insurance quote from the traditional and online companies, or contact an online car policy comparison service such as The rates are continually updated and receive an overview that is always current and the widest of the prizes proposed helps you make a conscious choice and save money.

How to change car policy

From 1 January 2013 when, with the BIS Development decree in favor of free competition, the tacit renewal was abolished, i.e. the automatic extension of the contract for the following year, it is possible to enter into a new insurance with a company other than the previous one, without any limit imposed by strict contractual clauses. What does the absence of tacit renewal mean? When the policy expires, you do not need to cancel your company or give notice. In order not to remain “uncovered”, it is sufficient to pay the prize by the time of the policy, when you decide to change insurer and opt for a more advantageous bid.

Even if you buy a new or used car, you can evaluate the conclusion of a contract with a new insurance company, in case you do not want to request the previous insurance company to transfer the old policy. The risk certificate is valid for 5 years, so even with the change of vehicle, you will be able to maintain your own merit class.

Before changing policy, the various offers available on the market must be assessed. The quick and intuitive comparison of the different rates offered by allows you to find the most convenient solution and, if you wish, buy it in a few steps. The car insurance comparison service is without obligation and free. No Commission is added to the price of the RC car. That is why the proposed prizes do not vary or are lower compared to those available on the single company website. A valuable tool to save money, providing a complete and transparent picture of the situation of the Italian insurance sector, is constituted by the car Insurance observatory that makes available.