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Affordable Health Insurance

Affordable Health Insurance

The truth about health insurance is that it is still the most needed of all insurance policies. Just take a good look at the society. You will notice that an average developing economy will present a population where more than 50 percent of the masses do not own their own cars. The simple truth is that they do not need any type of car or auto insurance whatsoever. Then you get into housing and you notice that even in the developed economies, you will still get more than 50 percent of the masses or citizens not having their own houses. The truth again still remains that these folks do not need anything like mortgage or home insurance. When it comes to the life assurance, it is only the well to do who want to save something for their children or those who want to make savings for one project or the other that gets into the act of saving money through term life insurance. The simple truth here still remains that the insurance that is needed by every citizen of the world is the health insurance. This is why many agencies lend their efforts in coming up with very affordable health insurance policies, so that even the poorest people in the society can do little things that will insure that their health is taken care of when they have health problems.

There is numerous affordable health insurance scattered all over the world, especially in the developed and developing nations. Most times, the problem remains that people do not take their health seriously and therefore do not make serious efforts to search out and use these affordable health insurance policies to get them covered against the risk of illnesses. One thing that will make you know that you are always in need of this is because illnesses must always come, and they do not give you any notice when they are coming, and the worst part of it is that they might come when you do not have any dime to handle the bills. So, you need to search out the affordable health insurance policies in your area and save your life with them. Some of them include

Private health insurance

This is the type of affordable health insurance that is provided through the firm you work with. Many employers get into health insurance policies where they take out the policy for all their employees. Here, they pay a certain amount of money to the insurers as premium and this covers the medical expenses of all their employees. This is much cheaper than when you get the insurance coverage on a personal note. But one thing is that in some cases, you are not given the option to choose the coverage you want, as the same coverage runs for all involved in the insurance scheme.

Government insurance

This is perhaps the most used of all the affordable health insurance schemes, and the simple reason for this is because it is very affordable. Here, it is divided into two different types. These are the Medicaid and the Medicare.


This is seen as the old peoples plan. It is the type of health insurance cover that is offered by the government to people that is above the age of 65 years. The Medicare however, might not cover all the medical expenses incurred by these lots. In some cases it might cover some and not all expenses. However, it is not only old people that are entitled to this. People who have been bedeviled with some severe medical disabilities or chronic health issues can also qualify to be covered by this policy. However, this affordable health insurance type has four different divisions in it, and these divisions are just made according to the level of coverage that this gives. They include part A, B, C, and D.


This is the type of health insurance policy that simply helps low income earners of certain degree to pay for their medical expenses. Here, you are not given the money directly. The money is paid directly to your health provider. This is to insure that you are just given what your medical costs are. However, in some cases, you might be required to make part of the payment before the government comes in. There are also some families that are considered eligible because of some financial situations.

Health insurance organizations (HMOS)

This is the health insurance plan that takes care of your health bills only when you make use of health care providers that are under their network. This makes it to be very affordable than when you run from one provider to the other.

Preferred provider organizations (PPOS)

This is the type of coverage that will take complete care of your medical costs if you make use of doctors or health care providers within their network. However, unlike the HMOS that will not cover any service you get from people outside their network. This will give you the benefit of settling just some portion of the medical costs you incur by using doctors outside their network. If you are looking for an affordable health insurance policy, what will make you not to make use of doctors within their network, so as to get your costs covered? This makes it very affordable for you.

Cheap Health Insurance

Cheap Health Insurance

The insurance policy where everybody tends to seek for the cheapest options is the health insurance policy, and this is because both the poor and the rich are in need of it. The poor are even in dire need of this because the rich can always take care of their medical expenses whenever it pops up. This is the reason why many people seek for ways of getting cheap health insurance. But the truth still remains that there are very many ways that you can get very cheap health insurance plans from your country. This one is not particular to any country or to the developed or developing nations. These cheap means are found in almost every country. The simple task is to search for these and make use of them. The methods mentioned below will help you find cheap health insurance.

Buying under parents cover

The fact still remains that in every proper insurance setting, there is a parent’s cover that also covers their children. Here, we are not talking about the kids that are below the ages of 18 and are still living with their parents. We are talking about insurance plans offered by insurers with an option that allows children of the insured to get involved in the coverage. This will cover children that are even up to the age of 26. This sounds really good. Another good thing about it is that it has no silly restrictions. The policy obtains that even if the child or children to be covered are now married and are not living with the parents, they are still eligible to be covered by this plan. It also obtains that even if the child is working, but is under the age of 26, he or she can have some respite under the parent’s coverage. The truth about this is that even if you have to pay back your parents the part of the premium that is due to you, you will still find out that you are getting the policy at a very cheap cost and saving a huge amount of money. This is perhaps what I see as the cheapest of all cheap health insurance plans.

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP)

This is the second in ranking when it comes to the cheap health insurance plans and the earlier you know about all these the better for you. But one thing that makes this plan better than the aforementioned is the fact that it takes care of people with special situations and not just for eligible candidates. In actual sense, this is a plan that takes care of people who are facing difficulties in getting a health insurance plan because they have an existing health or health insurance condition. The simple truth here is that whenever you are rejected by an insurer or denied health insurance coverage, you can make use of this to get yourself covered. This health insurance plan is mostly administered by the government, to take care of people who are under high insurance risk. However, you might also have to pay the normal out of pocket payment, but this is nothing to compare with what you will pay if you are using other insurance policies. This is only if they eventually decide to cover you.

There are many other cheap health insurance policies that you can also source. The truth is that the traditional health insurance plans can be affordable depending on your conditions and how you use them, but whenever you talk about health insurance plans that are very cheap, you have to move away from the traditional methods. This gives birth to the other two cheap health insurance plans. They are the emergency cover and the high deductible plans.

High deductible plans

Here, your health care coverage never begins until you have paid up to a deductible amount. The simple meaning of this is that when the insurer starts taking care of your health bills, it becomes so cheap to the extent that it is cheaper than the plans you get with regular premium payments. Another good thing about this plan is that the amount you pay before you start receiving the insurance benefits can be used to make some tax savings. Just ask your insurance plan about this and start saving money today.

Emergency plans

This is another method through which you can get very cheap insurance policies. This can be very cheap for you if you are very healthy and only needs little checkups from time to time. In some cases, it will even take care of your “just in case” and preventive services free of charge.