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Car Insurance: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Car Insurance: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Car insurance or more correctly RC auto is the civil liability policy that protects the assets of the insured in the event of damage to third parties in the use of the vehicle.

In Italy in order to legally take advantage of your car and circulate freely (and therefore legally) it is necessary by law to stipulate an insurance contract relating to the vehicle in question. Pursuant to articles 122 and following of the insurance code, the obligation for the owner of the car to make sure against the risks of civil liability which the subject to cover, in the agreed limits, the sum payable as damages involuntarily caused to third parties as a result of accidents generated by the circulation of the vehicle entered in the automobile policy. By subscribing to a car insurance, the user accesses economic protection against possible risks arising from road traffic that cause material damage or injuries to third parties. In respect of the payment of the premium by the insured person will be contractual constraint of the insurance company to compensate for any damage caused to third parties.

It is recommended that you compare the various car policies to find the cheapest car insurance, both for the Garazie, and for the price. For this it is important to carry out an accurate search among the various quotes of car insurance online.

What is the ceiling?

The ceiling is the maximum amount that the insurance company is obliged to pay in the event of an insurgence of damage. At the time of signing the RC Auto contract, the insured and the insurance company will establish in the document the limit amount, within which the user is always covered. If it happens that the damage or injuries caused by the insured person is higher than the limit set in the contractual conditions, he or she must exercise compensation for damages in total autonomy for the import exceeding the amount indicated. The law stipulates that in the event of damage to property, the minimum ceiling set corresponds to the sum of 1,000,000.00 euros per claim, regardless of the number of victims, and in the event of damage to persons, the minimum ceiling set is 5,000,000.00 euro for the left always regardless of the number of victims.

What does car insurance cover?

Another key aspect is that the automobile policy covers only the physical damage caused to passengers who are present in the car of the insured at the time of the accident; However, it does not provide a cover for damage that has suffered the driver himself. However, there are cases expressly indicated in the policy as “exclusions” in which the insured person, while having to compensate the injured third party, may request the reimbursement of the amount paid as compensation for damages. Usually the so-called exclusions are included in contexts where there is no road traffic in full compliance with certain legislative provisions on this subject. Exclusions are usually inoperable when, for example, the driver is not allowed to drive in accordance with the provisions in force; In cases where the number of passengers transported exceeds the number to which the vehicle is legally authorised; When the driver is driving in an intoxicating state or under the influence of drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances; In cases where the dolosit√† of the subject to the guide emerges; In the case of inaccurate or secretive statements by the contractor or insured in accordance with articles 1892 and 1893 of the Civil Code; In the event of failure to communicate changes which have caused an aggravation of the risk within the meaning of article 1898 of the Civil Code. In the above-mentioned cases and in all others where the application of article 144 of the Insurance Code is configurable, the insurance company has the possibility of exercising the right of revenge for the sums which it has had to pay to third parties following the unenforceability of exceptions provided for by that provision of legislation.

Ancillary guarantees:

1. Theft: The theft guarantee covers the insured in case of theft of the vehicle or any part of the car. In the theft guarantee are also included the attempts to burglary thereby the damage caused accordingly. However, the objects kept inside are not included, unless expressly stated in the policy. In the theft guarantee there is always an amount called deductible or found that remains at the expense of the insured.

2. Fire: The fire guarantee covers all damage in the case of fire of the vehicle. They are therefore including fire, lightning, bursts, short circuits and flames from overheating of the car. Even in the fire are not included the objects stored in the vehicle. In the fire guarantee there is always an amount called deductible or found that remains at the expense of the insured.

3. Kasko: The Kasko warranty covers damage caused by the driver to your vehicle for its own fault. In this guarantee does not affect the liability, even if the insured is the one who caused the accident. There are two extensions of the Kasko guarantee: Complete Kasko that protects all types of damage. The partial Kasko covering only the claims in which other vehicles are involved.

4. Natural and Atmospheric events: This warranty covers all damages, partial or total, caused to the vehicle by natural or atmospheric events.

5. Legal protection: The Legal protection guarantee covers all legal and expert costs to be supported in case of any proceedings.

6. Crystals: It is the guarantee that covers the repair or replacement of the vehicle glass (windscreen, rear window and side windows). Sometimes the crystals can be included in the Kasko warranty.

7. Driver’s injuries: this is a highly recommended guarantee, as it is the only guarantee that covers all the physical damage suffered by the insured while driving, with or without responsibility.

8. Roadside assistance: guarantee of assistance in case the car remains stopped or blocked on the street. It covers both the costs incurred for the recovery of the vehicle, the transport to a service centre or a workshop. Sometimes it can also provide for the supply of a replacement vehicle.

Before subscribing to the car policy:

  1. Be very careful when entering all personal data. In the event of incorrect declarations, the insurance company may be relied upon on the insured.
  2. Read the information booklet carefully before signing the policy.
  3. During the compilation of the data it is good to keep the following documents at hand: The driving licence, the registration booklet and the risk certificate.
  4. It is advisable not to indicate the exclusive guide clause. In this case only the subject indicated in the policy will be able to drive the indicated vehicle.
  5. It is advisable to add the waiver to the revenge: a right of insurance companies, which after paying a certain claim, I can rely on your insured if there are serious violations of the road code, such as driving in a state of Jewish or under the influence of narcotic drugs.
  6. Check if you can use the Bersani decree: the possibility of benefiting from a lower merit class.

In which cases can you use it?
– Driver: You can access the merit class of your family.
– If you buy a vehicle of the same type as the first one: Keep the same risk class.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

RC car insurance is a compulsory cover for all cars that protect against material or physical damage caused to third parties in the event of a claim. This is a statutory guarantee, also known as civil liability vehicles, without which it is not allowed to circulate on the Italian territory with a motor vehicle. The basic coverage, which must be subscribed and renewed every year, protects all persons who are aboard the car insured, except for the driver who caused the accident. The latter to have an adequate protection must add to the time of conclusion of the contract the accident guarantee to the driver.

To have a complete coverage that ensures adequate protection both when you are at the wheel, if, for example, you leave the machine in the park in an unguarded place, you need to compose the policy with the so-called ancillary guarantees which, while being optional, raise the level of protection. These include, among others, legal protection, driver’s injuries, roadside assistance, license withdrawal. Theft and fire insurance or natural events ensure, on the other hand, compensation for damages caused by the car.

When you buy a car policy, in addition to the ancillary guarantees, it is important to also carefully assess the amount of the premium, the ceilings within which the insurance is obliged to compensate for damages, deductibles and exclusion clauses, that is, when the company cannot guarantee compensation for the damage. It is impossible to identify the most convenient insurance coverage ever, but you can, and it is advisable, to find the best policy according to individual needs and driving habits. To choose your policy, just request a car insurance quote from the traditional and online companies, or contact an online car policy comparison service such as The rates are continually updated and receive an overview that is always current and the widest of the prizes proposed helps you make a conscious choice and save money.

How to change car policy

From 1 January 2013 when, with the BIS Development decree in favor of free competition, the tacit renewal was abolished, i.e. the automatic extension of the contract for the following year, it is possible to enter into a new insurance with a company other than the previous one, without any limit imposed by strict contractual clauses. What does the absence of tacit renewal mean? When the policy expires, you do not need to cancel your company or give notice. In order not to remain “uncovered”, it is sufficient to pay the prize by the time of the policy, when you decide to change insurer and opt for a more advantageous bid.

Even if you buy a new or used car, you can evaluate the conclusion of a contract with a new insurance company, in case you do not want to request the previous insurance company to transfer the old policy. The risk certificate is valid for 5 years, so even with the change of vehicle, you will be able to maintain your own merit class.

Before changing policy, the various offers available on the market must be assessed. The quick and intuitive comparison of the different rates offered by allows you to find the most convenient solution and, if you wish, buy it in a few steps. The car insurance comparison service is without obligation and free. No Commission is added to the price of the RC car. That is why the proposed prizes do not vary or are lower compared to those available on the single company website. A valuable tool to save money, providing a complete and transparent picture of the situation of the Italian insurance sector, is constituted by the car Insurance observatory that makes available.

Best Comparator of Insurance in 2017

Best Comparator of Insurance in 2017

Saving in these period of crisis has become now crucial if you want to go ahead and one of those things you can’t do almost unless you own the automobile.

Maintaining a car has a non-indifferent cost and among them to weigh more than anything is the insurance policy.

A considerable savings can be achieved by relying on an online insurance, which allows us to conveniently from home, through your own computer, to make an insurance comparison in order to choose the most convenient.

The only hassle in this operation can be to fill in with your data the numerous fields required for each insurance site to compare the insurances, procedure that takes away about 5 minutes for each.

There are currently 10 major insurance companies working online and to get an insurance policy quote from all companies for our car or motorbike take almost an hour.

To remedy this problem we propose a list where you will find the best comparator of insurance, which allow you to fill all these fields once all to get a quote of all the companies and then easily evaluate the most convenient.

Best Comparator of insurance

SOS Rates

Proclaimed website of the year in the comparison section for now 4 years, grown a lot in the last 5 years and best site in our personal ranking, compares in addition to insurance policies for cars and motorcycles, also compares:

  • ADSL Rates
  • Energy tariffs
  • Gas tariffs
  • Current account and card rates
  • Telephony and Internet rates
  • TV Subscriptions Rates
  • Comparison of loans and mortgages
  • Cercassicurazioni

Comparison in addition to insurance policies for cars and motorcycles, also policies for travel, home and family.


Comparison in addition to insurance policies for cars and motorcycles, including travel, life insurance, loans and mortgages.


Very advertised and known for comparing car and motorcycle insurances and not only, also for mortgages, loans, bank accounts, gas light rates, ADSL and pay-TV.


Portal through which it is possible to have insurance quotes practically anything, in addition to cars and motorcycles, also condos, companies, shops, accidents, professional RC.


As with the previous allows you to compare the various insurance companies.


Last comparator with which we close, with which we can compare car and motorcycle insurances, mortgages, loans, bank accounts, gas light rates, ADSL and pay-TV.

It is to be said that however the comparators do not use all the online insurance companies present and the prices sometimes deviate a bit from that lowest we could get by doing it manually as each insurance company has promotions that can hardly be scrutinized through comparators, but surely the services rendered by the comparators can be of the valid tools to get an idea on which company to Orientate once the final prices have been obtained , to better understand what I am talking about, I refer you to this article, even to have a certain price of the insurance company with which you will enter a policy:

Best online Insurance

It would certainly be interesting to check if entering the same data in these comparators the prices revealed are the same, try that surely we will not fail to do in the future or that you can do yourself and share with us leaving a comment.